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SavBlog 1: Graduating in 2020

I’m Savannah, I’m Lindsey Whittle’s intern. I am going to be graduating from The Art Academy of Cincinnati in a couple of weeks. It feels so insane. We go to school for pretty much our entire life, and then it just ends. Of course, almost everyone has experienced this super weird disconnect, but class of 2020 aren’t getting the closure. A digital graduation feels like a joke. I spent a lot of time being super upset about that fact, but then I realized how lucky we are. We got thrown into the “real world,” but still technically in school so we still have the guidance of our professor, peers, and mentors. We get the chance to problem solve and figure out how to make our dreams happen. We will never have this much free time again, and as much as it is hard to pull ourselves out of what we are all going through, it is so important to do something about it. Progress looks different for everyone. Making a vision board is a step towards what you want.

I’ve figured we have to make our own closure. I keep going through waves of falling back into the sad parts of that, but if we let ourselves focus on the “drama” of it we are only going to be miserable and not be able to move forward, and the entire point of closure is to move forward. Closure to me might mean something different than what it means to you. It’s like a relationship, we just got totally dumped by school and we need to figure out how to pick up those pieces and be who we are. This is a time to transform into your most authentic self. To me closure isn’t celebrating the end of what all just happened the last 18ish years of my life, but instead celebrating what’s to come. Looking forward to move forward. We don’t get to walk across a stage, but we all still are going to do way more than this. This is just a step in our story, we are about to be following our goals and dreams and that’s what we need to be celebrating. I am so happy to have met everyone I did at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. All so hardworking and helpful to each other. On May 9th, I will be celebrating all of my peers and wishing for their goals to be achieved, and I will be celebrating the start of my journey too. I love you all and I am proud of everyone graduating this year. You did it!!! But this is only the beginning.

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