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About Clint Basinger:

Clint Basinger is a writer, artist, and comic creator. From Kentucky, he grew up on a diet of comic books, basketball, and sorghum. He was an art major at Murray State University and graduated in 1999. Clint has 10 years of experience working incomics. He‛s drawn comics for Twisted Gate Entertainment, Instant Press, Fanatic Press, and Ape Entertainment. For 8 years, he has been creating, writing, drawing, and publishing his own comics through his company Cosmic Moustache Comics. Clint‛s unique style of humor and heroes,
have filled 20 comics under his CMC banner.

About Cosmic Moustache Comics.


Come on into my clubhouse,and check out my collection of Cosmic Moustache Comics. Turn the pages, and enter a world full of wonder and adventure. There areso many crazy Mummynaut, Johnnysaurus Rex, The Cosmic Norseman, and the Haunted Heroes. Each of them has a riveting story to tell.  You‛ll get hooked on the humor, heart, and heroes. Cosmic Moustache Comics...
The Comics that Put Stars in your Moustache!

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