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Come join us at the Contemporary Arts Center -

Thursday, June 13th, 2019 for SPIKOW2!

The event will be from 6pm-9pm

and taking place in the lobby + 2nd floor of the CAC

You are free to come and leave at any time throughout the night

There is no dress code - however we welcome you to wear bright colors if you wish!

Cake and pie will be served while supplies last

Leave your thoughts and experience below!

First 100 families will receive a commemorative comic by Clint Basinger 

Got questions? Here's some talking points!

1.  The word Spikow comes from my second date with my husband.  We were playing cards at a mcdonalds and every time he discarded a card he would say "SPIKOW" (despite how much this idea scared me)  it was the moment I knew he was probably my future husband.  Our original wedding event was #spikow  which is why the reenactment was called #spikow2


2.  We had our wedding reception (#spikow) at the CAC on 12/13/14.  Since my husband (clint) and I were both artists, we saw it as a night to hijack a museum experience since we did not know if we would have a platform like that to work with, for our art.  We asked our performance artist friends to give us performance art/readings etc at the wedding instead of presents.  This event became somewhat legend in our circles.  


3.  Now that Lindsey actually has the privilege of showing work at the CAC it is no longer a hijack - - Spikow2 revisits the performances/readings and ideas presented at #Spikow in the context of Archive as Action.  We invited the original performers to reenact and/or evolve their original performances.  We get a chance to do performances that didn't work out the first time for logistical reasons, and we invited new performers that we have met since we got married.  


4.  The core of Lindsey's work since 2013 is connection.  In a time when we are very connected to our devices and disconnected from each other Lindsey uses her work as a vehicle to connect with other artists, to connect people together and to connect people to her work. Getting married was a level of research and commitment to connection that deeply impacted her practice.  Lindsey's marriage to fellow artist and frequent collaborator Clint Basinger is the foundation for all her work.  The shape language that makes up a lot of the visuals of Lindsey's part of the exhibition Archive as Action, comes from drawings Lindsey has always done with her husband, since they met.  She mines those drawings for dynamic shapes that don't really belong to either of them, but both of them.  Then Lindsey explores those shapes through constant experimentation in her work.  Spikow2 - reenacting their marriage, felt like the right way to conclude Lindsey's connection research from Archive as Action.  


5.  Lindsey's work often tries to blur the lines between art and life.  For example, in her wearable projects she tries to take her art ideas out of art spaces and into her daily life like grocery stores etc.  Spikow2 is an interesting/exciting event for her to instigate because it asks us to question the difference between life event and art event.  Lindsey loves to approach all activities in her world as potential art experiences, celebrating her marriage and all the incredible people in her world as an art event is a perfect fit.  


6.  The point of a wedding for us is to celebrate the amazing village that is the foundation for everything Clint and Lindsey do! We love that since #spikow2 is open to the public we are inviting everyone to be our family for the night and celebrating them and celebrating with them. 

What's going on?
mummynaut spikow2 photoshop.png

Shoutout to all the amazing artists who will be performing!

Noel Maghathe

Sydney Rains


Bert Marckwardt

Jake Vogds & Nico Garnder

Annie Brown


Brett Price

Kat Burke

Sky Cubacub & The Flirty O

Bowty Enterprises

& Steve Kemple

Lindsey's dresses:

SPIKOW 1 reception:

See wedding reception here!

Photographed by Grace DuVal

Read the origin story!

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