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Quotes From

Artworks Apprentices



"Artworks gives artists an opportunity to get paid talents.  We are working on creating an other worldly experience for Blink in Cincinnati. You have to be open minded to think abstractly - because it’s not what you would expect and you have to think of something that you have never seen before. There is definitely a challenge if you give yourself time and trust the team and teaching artists, it comes together, and when you see it come together it really feels worth it.  It's definitely a process and you have to trust the process, like going from brainstorming and then bringing it to life.  

This project has made me feel better to talk about what I am making.  We would talk about things and the teaching artists would ask me why which made me take my thinking to a new level."




"It's a project where the goal is to create an other worldly performance under Roebling bridge for Blink.  I’ve liked the whole idea that we are learning a lot of new ways to make art and using a lot of new materials.  I really like how all of our individual work comes together as one big performance in the end."


"This project is the is about imagining beyond human. It gives things more interesting qualities than what normal people possess, which makes it more visually interesting.  


The process was  interesting to do trial and error.  This was my first sewing experience, I never considered sewing as an option. This forced me to step out of my comfort zone and forced me to learn more things about what I could do.  I loved the whole otherworldly concept and abstraction of it. To go about everyone’s different processes was interesting to watch and go through. The feedback from other people to make the process better helped to bring the final product together." 


"About this artworks summer program:

I love learning and it’s really a surprise to get paid to learn. I have been given a lot of freedom on what is possible and guidance for things that are not possible. I recommend an Artworks summer program for anyone that likes to learn and has patience with yourself, others and surroundings because you will be learning many new things. It's been a great opportunity and I would definitely do it again.  


Describing this project:

We are taking on the challenge of creating other worldly objects to be used for Blink parade and 2 performances. It's definitely a learning experience that I would not have had the opportunity to have if it wasn’t for Artworks, and I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet amazing people. 


Abstract wasn’t a thing that I thought I was good at, but I learned that I can do it - you don’t have to be good at abstract it’s just about doing abstract. I also learned that anything can be researched."

In Progress

ArtWorks Presentation

Music by Ian Forsgren




Live track by Adam & Grant

Performance photos by

Grace DuVal