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Upcoming Performances



MARCH 13 • 7PM
Same Beginning –Different Ending
This one night only performance will feature artists Sky Cubacub, Grace Duval and Lindsey Whittle. Each artist will be featured in a short video exploring there processes before they begin creating objects inspired by and for the body. The cheorographers and dancers of Pones Inc. will interpret each artist’s solutions with movement and action. 




APRIL 4 • 7 PM
Light Collage
This event will be in a conversation of bodies, choreography, light, collage, and color in a 3 chapters. The entire performance will take place in complete darkness.




MAY23• 7PM
Interior Castles: Music and Movement in 3 Parts
A collaborative performance that meets in the middle between 2 Cincinnati artists Steve Kemple and Lindsey Whittle involving a new musical composition for 8 unaccompanied voices, hypnotically induced dreams and a custom communal choir robe.




June 13 • 6-9PM
On 12/13/14 Lindsey Whittle and Clint Basinger (both artists) had their wedding reception at the CAC titled #spikow. They saw this as a way to curate a museum experience in a night in case they never showed in a museum. That night, they asked many of their friends to give them performances at the wedding as a wedding gift. This event has become legend in their circle and many people they have met since wish they could have attended. Since their marriage is the foundation for much of Whittle’s work, it felt right to revisit the ideas of that night and evolve the performance experience that happened in 2014 now that Whittle is part of a show in that very same museum. 

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