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MAY 23, 2019 • 7PM


Interior Castles: Music and Movement in 3 PartsA collaborative performance that meets in the middle between 2 Cincinnati artists Steve Kemple and Lindsey Whittle involving a new musical composition for 8 unaccompanied voices, hypnotically induced dreams and a custom communal choir robe.

Interior Castles was an interdisciplinary experience with many layers.   The  "One Choir Robe" was originally made in 2013 based on a conversation Lindsey had with friend and frequent collaborator Annie Brown.  Lindsey expressed her wish to make an outfit where many people could wear it together, to which  Annie replied "You should make an outfit that's one giant choir robe that you put the entire choir inside."  I fell in love with that idea and loved it even more knowing it took two great minds to make it exist. This choir robe took on many roles showing up in collaboration performances Lindsey did with Jake Vogds in 2014 for the Rapid Pulse festival and the Guerilla Truck festival and then again when it appeared in the Atom-R performance "Rhinestone Cowboy," also in Chicago in 2019.  For "Interior Castles," per the curator of Action as Archive's request, the choir robe was doubled.  This was the robe's first appearance in Cincinnati, OH.  Lindsey asked frequent collaborator, Steve Kemple, to write a custom song for the choir robe to be activated.  Steve often working in the space of hypnotism and dreams, hypnotized a group of students in the Archive as Action installation at the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center.   He chose to hypnotize them under the image "The Other World"  By (another frequent collaborator) Grace DuVal and I.  This image was a dream space that Grace DuVal helped me shoot on a beach in Chicago, IL. Steve felt it was very important to hypnotize this group under an image about dreams and existing in another world.  Steve used the hypnotism notes to write his debut, 8 part, choir piece.  Lindsey asked Loraine Wible to interpret the documentation footage of the performance for the installation of the performance in Archive as Action.  Lindsey knew Loraine could do something different with this documentation that she wouldn't have ever gotten to on her own.  Lindsey wanted the experience of the installation to be it's own experience different from the original performance.  Loraine fully delivered on that idea!

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Video of performance and artist talk:

Performance Documentation

Photos by: Dustin Schleibaum

Rehearsal Photos 

Performance Documentation by Loraine Wible

Installation of "Interior Castles" performance in "Archive as Action" at the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center