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Spikow art collective now features the Time-Traveling duo, Future-Clint and Future-Lindsey.


Future-Clint is a time-traveling, comic book creator.  His mission is to save the world… and to do that, Future-Clint must recollect every significant memory of his long and extraordinary life.  Along the way, he shares his love of small moments, cool people, and piping-hot pizza-rolls. 

Future-Lindsey is a time-traveling, color & collaboration artist.  To save the world… Her mission is to travel through time, celebrating individuals and to turn up the color saturation one era at a time. 

Together they form, Spikow For Now.  –A Futuristic Sound-Art Band.  Whom collect unique sounds and instruments from all corners of time… Their lyrics are filled in with the adventures and absurd moments of their everyday lives. 


Watch some of our performances and a Tiktok reel below.


Buy our band merch here!

Get updates on  upcoming band performances on our instagram @spikow

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