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Teaching is an extension of my art practice. Teaching makes me a better artist and communicator, and working professionally as an artist constantly helps me be a better teacher.  So many people have taught us facts, but few have taught us how to learn.  I try to empower all my students with different strategies for success (personally and professionally).  I believe a successful learning environment needs two key components: moments where the students are the leaders, and creating situations that provoke curiosity.  As a teacher, I try to normalize intimidating learning experiences (like presentations and leader ship roles) and turn those into good habits for students to have as a foundation.  My biggest way that I teach is by modeling what it means to be a professional artist, and how to treat people with dignity.  If I am afraid to take risks, how can I ask my students to do so.  I ask students to step out of their comfort zones, but support them through it.  I believe it is my job to value their ideas and show them how to make them exist.  I believe that artists are professional decision makers and I try to teach young artists how to make decisions and then learn from their choices.  Art is the result of constant experimentation and research. I try to create experiences where my students learn by doing.  I try to constantly learn and grow to keep my skills relevant for my classes.  In my most successful classes everyone (including me) is the student and everyone is the teacher.  I treat my students as equals and I respect their voice and input.  My biggest goal as a teacher is to get the wisdom of artists and adulthood to students sooner to build from (a motto I learned from my former boss Jamie Bryant).  I hope all my students leave my classes better than when I found them and that they use what they learn from me to grow beyond me towards their own greatness.  I root for all current and former students and try to be their ally in any way I can.

Teaching Services I offer:

  • Private or group lessons in sewing, pattern making, fine art (drawing,painting, performance art)

  • I can Create custo programming/courses for schools, camps, workshops etc. 

  • I can Deliver Workshops on any of my skills, art practice, teaching philosophies etc. 

Email for more information. 

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