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Manifesto Monday - First week of August

How is it already August? 1. Sleep is the foundation for alert and fresh ideas and better commitment to projects. I have so much more to give to my art when I take care of myself. It has literally taken me 10+ years to be able to think and say this. 2. Number 1. Being said, I am my best self if I work until 5 AM and sleep until 1:30. If only the rest of the world felt that way lol. #getwithitworld 3. Committing consistent time to work on a project will keep it fresh in my mind and make it less daunting. I.e. 15 mins 3 times a week is better than nothing. 4. Yesterday I told Clint he was my buddy. He said it was cool having a buddy for life that you do everything with. This made me happy. 5. Researching this week: Positive sleep routines, organization for a work desk and studios, How kaleidoscopes work, and Oskar Schlemmer 6. The new semester starts in 2 weeks. 7. My current podcast list: The Vanished, How to Be Awesome At Your Job, Happier with Gretchen Rubin, Creative Pep Talk, Orpah’s Super Soul, and Side Hustle School. ( I also loved S-town when it first came out and Serial season 1). For some reason listening to things turns my brain on and keeps me in the zone. Please comment with YOUR favorite podcasts - I would love to expand my list. 8. 4 shot red eye, dash of heavy whipping cream. 9. Trying to be more real. 10. Tomorrow Clint and I are visiting his family for a week. His family’s farm is so relaxing in the summer, and I really miss my in-laws. In our dream life we live half the year in Cincy and half the year in Lewisport. In the meantime - one week will have to do. Don’t be afraid to post your manifesto in the comments or email it to me at

Below is an image of a collaborative project I am working on with Antonio Adams and am image of a super cool scissors holster my student made today!

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