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Manifesto Monday

Manifesto Monday Lets see how many Mondays I will stick with this. I will basically list my current truths or commandments on Mondays. 1. I am always shocked by no matter how much time I spend working - there is never enough time. Therefore I am ever searching for ways to use my time better. 2. I have really started to embrace how counter productive negative thoughts are, and try to shut them down when they come. This is much easier said than done. 3. My husband is seriously the best. I become more of my colorful self every day because of his support.

4. I asked Antonio Adams how he keeps his work area so clean. He told me he puts things away when he is done. Lol It shouldn't have been so profound to me. But I am trying to be less messy right now . . .

BTW if you don't know who Antonio Adams is - you are missing out - seriously.

5. Two heads are always better than one.

6. Chef's table on Netflix has all the answers.

7. I thought a lot about the movie "I feel pretty" Just what being confident in yourself can do for you and how your self image impacts the people around you.

8. Keeping the my most important projects and tasks in the front of my mind is hard work. But it keeps me productive and moving in the right direction. (Maybe I will write about how I organize all this information at some point.)

9. It is so obvious the benefits of meditation, yet I always end up doing it only like 4 days out of 7 in the week. Should be 7!

10. I will never stop.

Whoever you are right now reading this. I am rooting for you. Comment on this post with your manifesto and our share it with me through email - or on twitter or instagram @sparklezilla

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(Be patient with me as I renovate our site - - my husband and I share).

Also here is a picture of my goofy cat.

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