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Original #connect custom art piece
  • Original #connect custom art piece


    When I sell my hook and loop (and mixed media) artwork I send it with a veltex (material that hook and loop tape sticks too) streched base so you can hang it on the wall.  It is also possible for me to send a veltex sculpture so it could free stand or a veltex shirt so you could wear it.  (extra fee for custom shirt).  You can change my hook and look shape to be an infinite amount of compositions on the veltex base.  I can sell you one of my pieces that already exists and comes with a certificate of peformance or I can make a custom piece within a specific color range.  There are other potetial add ons like lights (extra fee).  This sale is for a smaller shape that fits on 9 x12 stretcher bars.  I can sell larger pieecs upon request.

    • Details

      I have been working with Velcro hook and loop tape as an art material since 2013 in my body of work #connect. I have explored this work as 2d works, 3d sculpture works, installation and performance.

      My work functions like legos - lots of pieces that I make can build up together on a wall, in a space or on a person to make huge compositions.

      This piece listed is one of the pieces I have made, exhibited and performed since 2013. It sits on a velcro receiving material that the piece connects with. This material is stretched over stretcher bars like a canvas. I can change that background color if that is the buyer's preference. If the buyer wants to wear the piece I can be commissioned to make t-shirts and hats etc that the piece will connect with.

      Since the piece connects with the fabric over stretcher bars via velcro it can be moved around and changed in infinite ways. This is my way of connecting and collaborating with my viewers. My work is a starting point for exploration and collaboration.

      All of my art pieces for sale come with a certificate of performance signed by me.

      Not only does buying this piece enhance your art collection, you are also supporting an artist and future work.

      Check out different examples of how this piece can be changed here:

      Check out more of this work in action at

      The stretcher bars that this piece sits on is 8" by 10"
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