Backseat Drivers: #1-4 full mini-series.

Get the Complete 4-issue series.  Follow the fumes of a taxi-cab filled with Backseat Drivers.  Fate seems to have thrown these 5 strange-strangers together.  For very different reasons, they each hunt for the infamous... Dr H.  This ride is all about the quirky characters and the dynamics of their group.  The Backseat drivers, will battle arch villains.  --Such as, the Laundry Archer and the Foxez.  Trouble chases them across Dr City, as they camp out on sidewalks, survive mall riots, and eat or get eaten at the zoo.  So, Jump in the Cab.  --You're in for a Wild Ride!  (B&W). 

    "If it doesn't make the world more awesome, don't do it." - Kid President